‘Heaven’ will open Indian Film Fest

Gotham fest selects 'Heaven on Earth' as opener 'Heaven' on top for fest

“Heaven on Earth” will receive top billing at Gotham’s Indian Film Festival. Deepa Mehta’s immigration drama will open the fest, which runs from Nov. 5-9 at Tribeca Cinemas; Rose Hall and the Allen Room; and the new Museum of Arts and Design.

In addition to “Heaven,” fest will host Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire,” Shamim Sarif’s London-set romantic comedy “I Can’t Think Straight” and archival screenings including 1946 Cannes Gran Prix winner “Lowly City,” the first film scored by Ravi Shankar. “Little Zizou,” the directorial debut of “Salaam Bombay” screenwriter Sooni Taraporevala, will close the festival, with Taraporevala’s “Salaam” collaborator Mira Nair presenting the film.

Panels for the fest have been organized by the IFP and New York Women in Film and Television. Tickets go on sale Oct. 15. Go to http://www.iaac.us for further information.

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David Modigliani’s docu “Crawford” will debut Oct. 7 on Hulu.com, the NBC Universal and News Corp.-owned Internet vid site.

Docu, which tracks the Bush administration’s impact on the president’s frequent vacation spot of Crawford, Texas, will have the Web version of a gradual rollout: after initial Hulu screenings, “Crawford” will head to other streaming, download and video-on-demand platforms, including iTunes and Amazon VOD. Feature preem is a first for Hulu.

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Cinevolve has acquired worldwide rights to Venezuelan pic “The Color of Fame,” the country’s official entry in the Oscars’ foreign-language film race. Totem Films pic, directed by Alejandro Bellame Palacios, follows a woman who enters a contest for Marilyn Monroe look-alikes and sets out to actually become Monroe with the help of a man who believes himself to be Monroe reincarnated.

Pic is set for limited release later this year or early next year.