Hamptons, SnagFilms in a ‘Haze’

Documentary to bow at festival, online

The Hamptons Intl. Film Festival and SnagFilms will simul-preem the docu “Haze” at both the fest and online via SnagFilm’s embeddable widget.

Narrated by Robin Penn Wright, doc examines college alcohol abuse through a fraternity hazing death at the U. of Colorado.

The announcement was made during SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen’s keynote presentation at the IFP Independent Film Week in Gotham.

The partnership between Hamptons and SnagFilms will also include “Hamptons Extra,” a slate of docus to screen exclusively online. The lineup will be announced with the fest’s regular slate in September.

Allen revealed that the two-month old company is on 10,000 websites he terms as “online theaters.” With the SnagFilms widget, Websites can screen more than 450 films, including full-length features like “Super Size Me.” Those films, in turn, are peppered with ads resembling commercial breaks – from Head and Shoulders shampoo to Starbursts.

“Since launch, our widgets have been embedded in pages that have been seen more than 55 million times, and our websites have each had one million page views,” said Allen.