PARIS — “La Fille de Monaco” charmed buyers at Toronto and has now found a home in several territories.

The Warner production, helmed by Anne Fontaine, has been picked up by Germany’s MFA +, Russia’s Luxor Entertainment, Poland’s Hagi Film, Romania’s ProRom, Brazil’s Imovision, Benelux’s Les Films de l’Elysee, Switzerland’s Pathe and Canada’s Les Film Sevilles.

Sales company Pyramide Intl. is in talks with U.S., Japanese and Italian buyers.

Sexy newcomer Louise Bourgoin, a former TV weather girl at Canal Plus, takes the title role, an unscrupulous and overly ambitious weather girl who gets everyone in trouble, including an influential attorney, Bertrand Beauvois, played by veteran thesp Fabrice Luchini.

“This film sold in Toronto because buyers could see right away that it could do well as a TV film,” said Yoann Ubermulhin, Pyramide’s head of sales.

“And it’s also an intriguing film that starts out as a big-budget comedy, gets darker and more intimate, with an ending à la Chabrol.”

Pic has already sold 559,000 tickets since its opening in Gaul on Aug. 20.