Ozzy Osbourne is the latest rock star to go the documentary route.

An untitled feature is in the works on the former Black Sabbath frontman who became a reality TV star as the patriarch of the MTV series “The Osbournes.”

The film, which is being directed by Mike Piscitelli, and written and produced by Jordan Tappis, will be the first release from Jacko Prodns., a shingle started by the rocker’s son Jack.

Jack Osbourne also became a TV fixture via the reality series, but is now more comfortable with a producer’s role. He insists there is more to his father’s story to be told.

He chose the occasion of his father’s upcoming 60th birthday Dec. 3, as a timely reason to make a feature, which he’ll exec produce along with his mother, Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s longtime manager.

Jack and Sharon are financing the film themselves.

The MTV hit series re-cast Osbourne’s image from a prince of darkness whose stage antics included biting the head off a bat to a slightly addled but lovable and caring father. To Jack, the MTV version was too sugar-coated to reflect his father’s true complexity.

“MTV couldn’t show the darkness and so they used all the goofy things, but that’s not really who he was at the time,” Osbourne said. “Dad has been sober for three years, and I’ve never seen him more focused, honest and straight-up. He refuses to do a book, because he’s terribly dyslexic, can’t write and doesn’t want a ghostwriter, so I thought, why not make this his talking book?”

Osbourne has filmed several of his father’s concerts, is compiling early archive footage, and working on an interview with Ozzy’s first wife. He’ll put the footage together with Piscitelli and Tappis before talking to distributors.

“I want people to see John Osbourne as the guy I grew up with, the tormented, complex musician whose personal demons manifest themselves in so many crazy, unique ways,” Osbourne said. “He’s agreed to it but is putting up his guard, massively afraid of putting his true self out there on display for people to see.”