Director: Abner Benaim
Contact: Rio Negro/Apertura Films
Tel: +57 315 332 9735
E-mail: info@rionegro.com.mx; paula@rionegro.com.mx
Comedy. Colombian/Panamanian co prod. “Upstairs, Downstairs” gone wrong meets “Thelma and Louise” in Panama.

Del amor y otros demonios (Of Love and Other Demons)
Director: Hilda Hidalgo
Contact: Clara Maria Ochoa, CMO Prods. and Alicia Films
Tel: +571 249 5892, 321 4161
E-mail: cmoproduccion@elsitio.net.co
Drama. Based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, Costa Rican/Colombian co-production relates the story of a white aristocratic girl brought up by black slaves.

El arriero (The Muleteer)
Director: Guillermo Calle
Contact: Fundacion Lumieres
Tel: +571 245 4310, 217 8993
E-mail: funlumiere@gmail.com
Drama. While exporting cocaine, a man finds himself in love with two women, his wife and a Spanish “mule.”

El Man … el Superheroe Nacional (The Man, National Superhero)
Director: Harold Trompetero
Contact: Harold Trompetero
Tel: +571 341 6211
E-mail: trompetero@hotmail.com
Comedy. A taxi driver becomes a superhero thanks to divine intervention.

El Paramo (On a Blasted Heat)
Director: Jaime Osorio Marquez
Contact: Federico Duran, Rhayuela Films
Tel: +57 1 218 6093
E-mail: federico@rhayuela.com
Horror. While searching for an army squadron that has gone missing, a commando military unit is confronted by a series of mysterious, otherworldly events.

El vuelco del cangrejo (Crab Trap)
Director: Oscar Ruiz
Contact: Diego F. Ramirez, Antorcha Films.
Tel: + 571 345 3421
E-mail: diego@antorchafilms.com
Drama. A remote fishing village fights off a powerful landowner’s attempts to build a resort.

Karen llora en bus (Karen Cries in a Bus)
Director: Gabriel Rojas
Contact: Alejandro Prieto, Cajanegra Prods.
Tel: +57 300 265 8084
E-mail: alejoprieto@hotmail.com
Drama. Self-discovery saga about a woman who leaves her husband.

La playa (The Beach)
Director: Juan Andres Arango
Contact: Jorge A. Botero, Septima Films
Tel: +571 482 2979
E-mail: jorgeandresbotero@hotmail.com
Coming-of-age drama. A 16 year old street beggar comes to realize that in order to survive, he needs to leave everything and start over.

La sangre y la lluvia (Blood and Rain)
Director: Jorge Navas
Contact: Carolina Barrera, Patofeo Films
Tel: +571 255 8728
E-mail: cbarrera@patofeofilms.com
Drama. A taxi driver and a lovely cokehead find themselves caught out on a rainy and violent night.

Las aventuras de Koffi Koko en la selva de Colombiafrica (The Adventures of Koffi Koko inna Colombiafrica Land)
Director: Lucas Silva
Contact: Ciudad Lunar Prods.
Tel: +57 300 338 7204/ +571 249 4316
E-mail: ciudadlunarproducciones@yahoo.com
Musical. Tale of Koffi Koko, a young Afro-Colombian (champeta) singer from Palenque de San Basilio, a predominantly black village off Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

La sociedad del semaforo (The Stoplight Society)
Director: Ruben Mendoza
Contact: Daniel Garcia, Dia Fragma Fabrica
Tel: +571 750 7492
E-mail: daniel@dia-fragma.co
Drama. Accepted by the Atelier in Cannes ’08, a vagabond tries to control stoplights in a bid to help and gain the acceptance of the street vendors and beggars who perform at intersections.

La vida era en serio (Life Was for Real)
Director: Monica Borda
Contact: Monica Borda, Centauro Cinemaestro
Tel: +571 288 6510
E-mail: monica@centauro.com
Drama. A woman juggling work and family seeks to break the monotony of her life.

Los colores de la montana (Colors of the Mountain)
Director: Carlos Cesar Arbelaez
Contact: Carlos Cesar Arbelaez
Tel: +574 413 7960
E-mail: carlosce@epm.net.co
Drama. A group of children remain oblivious to the war raging around them until their soccer ball lands in a minefield.

Los viajes del viento (The Wind Journeys)
Director: Ciro Guerra
Contact: Diana Bustamante, Ciudad Lunar Prods.
Tel: +571 316 5000 ext 19511
E-mail: dbustamante_e@yahoo.es
Road movie. A recently widowed man takes his accordion on the road.

Nacidos bajo el fuego (Born Under Fire)
Directors: Jairo Eduardo Carrillo/Oscar Andrade
Contact: Jairo Eduardo Carrillo
Tel: +571 612 7638
E-mail: abracaribe@hotmail.com
Animated docu. Based on original drawings of Colombian children who have grown up amid violence .

Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)
Director: Camila Loboguerrero
Contact: Rodrigo Guerrero, Dynamo
Tel: +571 345 3421
E-mail: rodrigo@dynamocapital.net
Com edy. An upscale family celebrates its traditional Christmas gathering, but this time around they can’t ignore the fact that they are bankrupt.

Director: Sebastian Cordero
Contact: Cristian Conti, Dynamo Capital
Tel: +571 345 3421
E-mail: cristian@dynamocapital.net
Romantic thriller/drama. A Colombian/Spanish/Mexican co prod concerning an immigrant in Spain who accidentally kills his boss and hides out in the mansion where his pregnant girlfriend is a maid.

Sangre negra (Black Blood)
Director: Victor Gaviria
Contact: Fehrmann Prods.
Tel: +571 321 7430/ +57 310 322 0694
Email: fehrmannproductions@gmail.com
Drama. A man is forced to betray his bandit brother in order to pay his debts.

Saluda al diablo de mi parte (Regards to the Devil)
Director: Juan Felipe Orozco
Contact: Sanantero Films/Mantaraya Studios
Tel: +57 310 798 5226
E-mail: piranhaco@gmail.com
Thriller. A man strikes a deadly pact with his daughter’s kidnapper in order to save her life.

Sin tetas, no hay paraiso (Without Breasts, There is No Paradise)
Director: Gustavo Bolivar
Contact: Efrain Gamba, EGM Prods.
Tel: +571 635 9366
E-mail: egmproducciones@yahoo.com
Drama. Based on book by helmer Bolivar and already made into a hit telenovela series. Drug molls are pressured to increase their bust size to keep their men happy


Cuarenta (Forty)
Director: Carlos Fernandez De Soto
Contact: Carlos Fernandez De Soto
Tel: +571 314 5095
E-mail: carfernandez@tutopia.com
Drama. Three childhood friends seek solace in each other’s company when they all hit the dreaded 40.

Riverside (Riverside)
Contact: Harold Trompetero
Tel: +571 341 6211
E-mail: trompetero@hotmail.com
Drama. A homeless couple in New York decide to collect 24,000 cans to raise money for their final trip to Colombia.

Te amo Ana Elisa (I Love You Ana Elisa)
Directors: Antonio Dorado
Contact: Lola Amapola Prods.
Tel: +571 217 6213
E-mail: lolaamapolaprod@gmail.com; adrianaarango@cable.net.co
Adventure drama. Written and produced by lead thesp Adriana Arango. A young woman finds help from a stranger in her struggle to survive in the big city.

Yo soy otro (Others)
Director: Oscar Campo
Contact: Alina Hleap, Enic Prods.
Tel: +572 660 2711
E-mail: alinahleap@hotmail.com
Thriller. A disease-stricken systems engineer’s body begins to replicate itself throughout the city, always infected with the same virus.


Entre sabanas (Between the Sheets)
Director: Gustavo Nieto Roa
Contact: Gus
tavo Nieto Roa
Tel: +571 636 3195
E-mail: gustavo@centauro.com.co
Erotic drama. Centers on a couple and their one-night tryst.

Paraiso Travel
Director: Simon Brand
Contact: Arie Kowler Lustgarten, Paraiso Pictures.
Tel: +571 218 0711
E-mail: arie@paraisopictures.com
Road movie. Based on acclaimed Jorge Franco novel about a couple who sneak into the U.S. where they see the seamier side of the American Dream.

Perro come perro (Dog Eat Dog)
Director: Carlos Moreno
Contact: Diego F. Ramirez, Antorcha Films
Tel: + 571 345 3421
E-mail: diego@antorchafilms.com
Black comedy/thriller. Tracks two men in Colombia’s netherworld of crime. Moreno’s debut feature preemed at Sundance.


El angel del acordeon (The Accordion Angel)
Directors: Maria Camila Lizarazo
Contact: Ana Pineres, CMO Prods.
Tel: + 571 211 7931 – 211 7932
E-mail: cmoproduccionejecutiva@ telecorp.net
Family drama. An 11-year-old boy seeks to win over the girl of his dreams with his accordion playing.

El cielo (Heaven)
Director: Alessandro Basile
Contact: Carolina Osma
Tel: +571 282 0221
E-mail: caosdecolombia@yahoo.es
Drama. A pot-smoking Italian priest exile gets caught up in a small-town drama.

La pasion de Gabriel (The Passion of Gabriel)
Director: Luis Alberto Restrepo
Contact: Senal Creativa, Jorge Lopez
Tel: +571 609 9178
E-mail: jlopez@senalcreativa.com
Drama. A priest struggles to protect the youth of his parish from the clutches of guerrillas roaming the countryside.

La milagrosa Director: Rafa Lara
Contact: Andres Taboada
Tel: +575 328 9333
E-mail: rattancol@une.net.co; plm.ltda@hotmail.com
Drama. The scion of a wealthy family is held for ransom by a guerrilla group.

La voz de las alas (The Voice of Wings)
Director: Jorge Echeverri
Contact: Jorge Echeverri
Tel: +571 211 6921
E-mail: jjvla@etb.net.co
Drama. Pic traces a man and his tumultuous relationship with a half-sister.

Los actores del conflicto (Actors in Conflict)
Director: Lisandro Duque
Contact: Efrain Gamba, EGM Prods.
Tel: +571 635 9366
E-mail: egmproducciones@yahoo.com
Dramedy. A trio of mimes caught between Colombian authorities and the country’s Marxist guerrillas.

Director: Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Contact: Spiros Stathoulopoulos, Caicedo
Tel: +571 624 9531
E-mail: spirostathoulopoulos@hotmail.com
Drama. Shot in one take, based on a true kidnapping case where a woman had a bomb strapped to her neck. Preemed at Cannes Director’s Fortnight last year.