Brawny Bergen fest set to unspool

Troell's 'Moments' to kick off festival

STOCKHOLM — The Norwegian Bergen Intl. Film Festival kicks off Wednesday with Jan Troell’s Swedish Oscar hopeful “Everlasting Moments,” one of 147 features unspooling in a bigger program than ever before.

James Marsh’s “Man on Wire” brings the curtain down Oct. 22.As always, the fest has a strong emphasis on docus, especially those with a provocative and political message. Among the feature docus screening this year are Andy Abraham Wilson’s “Under Our Skin,” about Lyme disease in the U.S.; Andrzej Fidyk’s “Yodok Stories,” about concentration camps in North Korea; Chris Bell’s “Bigger Stronger Faster,” on athletes taking steroids; Bill Haney’s “The Price of Sugar,” on sugar workers in the Dominican Republic; Ari Libsker’s “Stalags,” concerning once-popular books in Israel of Aryan women torturing Jews; Errol Morris’ “Standard Operating Procedure,” about the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib; Doug Benson’s “Super High Me,” about smoking pot for 30 straight days; and Pietra Brettkelly’s “The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins,” about artist Vanessa Beecroft.

Among the other features to be screened are Ruben Ostlund’s Cannes screened “Involuntary,” Wong Kar Wai’s “Ashes of Time: Redux,” the Coen brothers’ “Burn After Reading,” Neil Young’s “CSNY: Deja Vu,” Roy Andersson’s “You the Living,” James Watkins’ “Eden Lake,” U.S. actioner “Max Payne,” Guy Ritchie’s “RocknRolla” and Ari Folman’s “Waltz With Bashir.”