“Heavy Metal in Baghdad,” a doc about a headbanging band’s travails in Iraq, has been picked up for North America by Arts Alliance America.

The distrib plans a theatrical bow in the spring, with a DVD release soon to follow. The film preemed at the Toronto Film Festival.

“Heavy Metal,” which is produced by Monica Hampton (“Fahrenheit 9/11”), follows the Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda (Latin for “black scorpion”) from the fall of Saddam Hussein to the present.

It is directed by Eddy Morretti, head of VBS.TV and Vice Films, and Suroosh Alvi, founder of Vice magazine. Both wrote a feature on the group, which helped Acrassicauda garner a metal-head following. Vice Films then made the doc a year later.

The band said the festival cut of the film, at 92 minutes, could be extended to encompass the band’s move to Turkey last October.