HONG KONG — The Asia Pacific Film Festival, which was due to run Nov. 18 – 21 in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, has been canceled due to poor attendance.

Event, which has been running since 1954, is an annual meeting of delegates from member organizations of the Federation of Motion Pictures Producers in Asia (FPA). This year the fest was expected to host 350 delegates from the 21 member countries and screen 61 films.

However, interest has been lackluster with almost 60% of delegates canceling at the last minute.

“Organizing a festival with 100 delegates is not worth it. When we became the hosts in 2001, we had 365 delegates. I think it is because of the global economic crunch that the attendance has dropped,” said Raam Punjabi, organizer of the APFF.

He maintained that, contrary to some media reports, the cancellation was not due to financial difficulties.

Punjabi added that the FPA would instead invite delegates to a scaled down three-day conference in Bali in November, to discuss the fest’s future.

This is the second year that the fest has been called off.

In 2007, host city Hong Kong declined to organize it because local government wouldn’t put up the coin, according to Crucindo Hung, chairman of the Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong had been chosen as the venue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the territory’s handover to China from the U.K., as well as the 100th birthday of founding member Run Run Shaw.