An ’80s-tinged tuner adaptation of “American Psycho” has begun the development process and is aiming for Broadway.

Legit version of the 1991 Bret Easton Ellis novel, about a 1980s Wall Street banker who is also a serial killer, will come from the Johnson-Roessler Co., management-production company the Collective and XYZ Films. The three shingles have partnered to acquire the rights to develop and produce the stage incarnation.

Psycho” was previously adapted into a 2000 Lionsgate pic that starred Christian Bale.

Development team has just begun the selection process for creatives to pen the score and the book. No timeline has been set for what is envisioned as a large-scale musical.

Graphically bloody novel, which juxtaposes Reagan-era decadence and gruesome killings, includes prominent references to bands of the era, a fact that contributed to the idea of musicalizing the story. Sounds of the time will influence the new show’s score.

Current economic woes have prodded producers to put the tuner on the fast track.

“Now in particular it seems relevant, especially given what’s happening on Wall Street,” said David Johnson of Johnson-Roessler.

A former senior exec at MGM, Johnson paired with former MGM TV exec Craig Roessler to hang the Johnson-Roessler shingle in 2006. “Psycho” is the org’s first legit project.