“If I knew the answer, I’d be acting on it.  Or selling it.  Maybe what’s needed here is a time machine.”

— helmer Kevin Smith, “Clerks” (1994), “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” (2008)

“We would love to see, both as moviegoers and as people who work in the sector, a new explosion of creativity and talent. That’s what I think the sector needs most.”

Peter Rice, prexy, Fox Searchlight

“We need one sort of platform to start making money to replace the losses that have been sustained by theatrical and DVD markets. Nobody knows which it is going to be — Internet, cable, VOD — or when it will happen. That’s why the business is at an impasse right now.

Wouter Barendrecht, co-head, Fortissimo Films

“I don’t think that the business ever went away. What we have to remember is that for every ‘hit’ there are hundreds of other incredible movies that are worth a second look, even if they don’t break through the weekend top 10 box office list. This year, I loved ‘The Visitor,’ and ‘Mongol,’ and would consider them huge successes. When it comes to quality, this year is no different than any other: The best films are the ones that make you feel and think. … I think both the studios and the independents have accomplished that this year.”

Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman, the Weinstein Co.


Mark and Michael Polish, filmmakers, “Stay Cool” (2009)