“To paraphrase Dickens (who may even have been wiser than Mark Gill), ‘It is the best of times, it is the worst of times …’ “
— Mark Urman, prexy, ThinkFilm

“The business has become fractionalized. This has to do with the constantly changing viewing habits of the audience; it has to do with the

influence of the Internet. But it’s really an age where anything can happen and there are many models of distribution for an

independent film.”
— Michael Barker, co-prexy, Sony Pictures Classics


“With Blu-ray getting critical mass, I think you’re going to see a reinvigoration. No one has figured out a way to make money off the Internet, but that’s going to happen, and it’ll keep us even.”
— Chris McGurk, CEO, Overture Films

“As the studios, hedge funds and deep-pocketed dabblers beat the

retreat from the indie film space, I am hopeful that new streams of support will emerge that not only help grow the culture but rebuild the unique supports that art film requires.”
— Ted Hope, producer, “Adventureland” (2009)

— Mark and Michael Polish, filmmakers, “Stay Cool” (2009)