Rocky Mountain Pictures

Penchant for faith-based fare

Similar to Freestyle, Rocky Mountain is a distrib-for-hire, sidestepping acquisitions and collecting a fee from filmmakers to release their pics.

The distrib has made its mark with faith-based fare (2006 missionary drama “End of the Spear” took in $11.6 million). The label’s highest-grossing pic this year was Darwinism-dispelling documenary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” Voiced and co-written by Ben Stein, the pic grossed $7.6 million, largely thanks to the comedian’s ability to stir debate on the talkshow circuit.

Upcoming Billy Graham biopic “Billy: The Early Years” will receive a 300-screen rollout in the South and Southwest. Members of the Graham family are involved in the marketing, and early church-group previews have met with positive responses.

“We want our producers to know that we’re giving them our best effort,” explains Slaughter on how the company selects titles to work on. “If we pass on a film, it’s because we feel it’s not right for the market.”

B.O. CUME: $8.7 million

TOP PIC: “Expelled …,” $7.6 million

TOPPERS: Randy Slaughter and Ron Rogers, co-heads

UP NEXT: “Billy: The Early Years” (Oct. 10)