A little over a year ago, Roadside ended its co-distribution and co-marketing deal with Samuel Goldwyn Films and gained a major shareholder in Lionsgate. Under the pact, Roadside will pursue its own projects for marketing and distribution in addition to releasing smaller films from Lionsgate. In turn, Roadside has access to Lionsgate’s ancillary platforms and international output deals.

Roadside’s biggest B.O. hit was late-October release “Bella,” but distrib saw soft results for the first few titles it released for Lionsgate: “Trade,” “Teeth” and “Right at Your Door.”

Company has a relatively quiet remainder of the year, but more titles could be dated in the weeks to come. The shingle will co-release “The Lucky Ones” for Lionsgate as well as release horror pic “House.”

B.O.: $13.7 million

TOP PIC: “Bella,” $8.1 million

TOPPERS: Howard Cohen, co-prexy; Eric d’Arbeloff, co-prexy; Gail Blumenthal, senior VP, distribution


“The Lucky Ones” (Sept. 26)

“House” (Oct. 7)