Samuel Goldwyn and its distrib arm IDP saw a distinct decrease in horsepower in 2007. No hit on the order of the prior year’s “Amazing Grace” materialized, and Goldwyn’s co-venture with Roadside Attractions ended in May 2007.

Still, the company’s unwavering strategy of stretching its dollars and championing the humblest of hopefuls yielded solid if unspectacular winners in Claude Lelouch’s “Roman de gare,” docu “Trumbo” and “Elegy,” with Penelope Cruz. Pics that failed to ignite included Guy Ritchie’s “Revolver” and Richard Kelly’s “Southland Tales.”

Prexy Meyer Gottlieb still insists that “publicity is far more effective than advertising in persuading an audience.” That budget-conscious philosophy isn’t sexy, but given the wreckage that’s piled up in the specialty and indie racket, it seems more logical all the time.

B.O.: $9.1 million

TOP PIC: “Priceless,” $2.2 million

TOPPERS: Samuel Goldwyn Jr., chair; Meyer Gottlieb, prexy; Michael Silberman, distribution head


“Fireproof” (Sept. 26)

“Dark Streets” (Q4)