Variety: Tell us about this year’s selection.

Javier Angulo: It’s quite well balanced, combining established names like Atom Egoyan with new directors like Amy Redford. There’s also a strong presence of Spanish cinema, not to mention three Danish films.

V: What changes are you planning?

Angulo: They’ll be more apparent in 2009, but I think you’ll notice some already. We’ve reinforced the presence of Spanish cinema and included a photo exhibition celebrating the 80th anniversary of Bunuel’s “Un perro Andaluz” as part of our drive to increase festival events, to make it a film-community hub. There’s also a screening of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” with a live orchestra, the first time ever in Spain.

V: Define the festival’s brand.

Angulo: We’re not an A festival, but we have a long-standing international reputation for quality films and for being director-driven. That opens doors for us. Many established directors — Spanish and international — began their careers here. It’s a great base to work from.