Location: Pinewood is located just west of London, 20 miles from Soho and eight miles from Heathrow Airport. Shepperton Studios is located nearby on the grounds of Littleton Park Manor, a 17th-century manor house.

Facilities: Across the studios, there are 34 stages, including 13 larger ones more than 12,000 square feet and the famous 007 stage, Europe’s largest soundstage. Group also boasts 16 post-production theaters.

Highlight: A permanently filled underwater stage and one of the largest bluescreens in the world.

Contact: Diane McKaye (marketing), diane.mckaye@pinewoodgroup.com.

Trivia: A replica of New York City was built on Pinewood’s backlot for the shooting of Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” The majority of the racy “Carry On” films were shot at Pinewood and produced by Peter Rogers, who, at age 94, still works every day at the studios.


Location: In the leafy suburb of Ealing, West London. Easily accessible to both central London and Heathrow Airport.

Facilities: In addition to six stages, Ealing offers newly refurbished production offices and long-term office accommodation, star dressing rooms, wardrobe and makeup facilities, props storage, workshops and meeting rooms.

Highlight: Ealing Studios is the only independent British studio developing, financing and producing feature films for international distribution.

Contact: Gary Stone (studio manager), gary.stone@ealingstudios.com.

Trivia: Can claim to be the world’s oldest working film studio, dating back more than 100 years.


Location: On Three Mills Island in Bromley-by-Bow, East London, 20 minutes by tube from Soho. Close to underground stations and London City Airport.

Facilities: 20-acre site featuring 15 stages, ranging from 3,200 to 13,500 square feet, and more than 200 production offices.

Highlight: Location within London makes 3 Mills a big draw for filmmakers. Directors including Wes Anderson, Danny Boyle, Tim Burton, David Cronenberg, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Michael Winterbottom have worked there.

Contact: Kate Watt (marketing and publicity), kate.watt@gvagrimley.co.uk.

Trivia: In the 17th century, the mills began using grain to distill alcohol, becoming a major supplier for the alcohol trade and the gin craze of London. Distilling ceased after the mills sustained severe air-raid damage during WWII, but the site continued to be used for bottling and warehousing. It became a film and TV studio in the 1980s.


Location: MPC’s purpose-built facilities occupy 11 floors between 119-127 Wardour St., a major thoroughfare right in the heart of Soho.

Facilities: At full capacity, MPC houses 500 artists, operators and production staff.

Highlight: MPC has a dedicated research-and-development team to create specific 2-D and 3-D tools.

Contact: Christian Roberton (managing director, film), Christian-r@moving-picture.com

Trivia: MPC is the only facility to have a painting by Banksy (the infamous graffiti artist) sprayed on its wall.


Location: Soho’s Noel Street and Noho’s Wells Street (just north of Soho).

Facilities: Accommodates feature film and television vfx, commercials vfx, feature film animation, feature production and digital lab.

Highlight: Best known for the quality of its creature images, Framestore can boast as having won the 2007 visual effects Oscars and BAFTAs for “The Golden Compass.”

Contact: Steve Norris (managing director, film), featurematerials@framestore.com

Trivia: Each of the polar bears created for “The Golden Compass” wore a suit of armor comprising 36,000 rings of hand-woven CG steel.


Location: Cinesite is the only U.K. post-production company to have offices in Soho, Pinewood Studios, Shepperton Studios and Los Angeles.

Facilities: A full range of visual effects services: visual effects supervision, character animation, film scanning and recording, model construction, unit photography, physical effects and trans-Atlantic data transfer.

Highlight: Best known for model construction and unit photography. Recent work includes Hogwarts construction for the “Harry Potter” series along with the factory and townscapes for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and the houses of Parliament explosion sequence in “V for Vendetta.”

Contact: Gillian Roberts-Howe (head of production development), filmfx@cinesite.co.uk

Trivia: The “Harry Potter” Hogwarts model built by Cinesite is 30 feet high — at its 1:24 scale, this would make it 720 feet if it were real. As a comparison, St Paul’s Cathedral is 360 feet high.


Location: Shaftesbury Avenue, the main drag that divides Soho from Chinatown.

Facilities: Full-service vfx facility capable of handling projects from initial design through on-set supervision and production to post-production. All key post-production technologies are available inhouse.

Highlight: Creating digital environments in films such as “The Dark Knight” and “Cloverfield” and creature work on movies including “10,000 B.C.”

Contact: Melissa Taylor (exec producer), mct@dneg.com

Trivia: Studio manager Pete Henson has appeared in five Double Negative productions, including “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”


Location: Situated just off Carnaby Street, a pedestrian-heavy, cafe-lined route in the heart of Soho.

Facilities: Pioneers of the digital intermediate process. Molinare has worked on more than 100 feature films since expanding from TV in ’05.

Highlight: Molinare looks to offer a comfortable environment as well as technical support and infrastructure that allows creative talent to flourish.

Contact: Mark Foligno (managing director), markf@molinare.co.uk

Trivia: Offers the only drive-in studio in notoriously parking-challenged Soho, providing instant accessibility to all clients.


Location: Soho’s Dean Street. Worldwide group also has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Winnipeg and India (Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai).

Facilities: Org blurb promises “pretty much everything you need to take your film from capture to delivery and beyond.”

Highlight: A boutique facility service that is backed up by a global infrastructure.

Contact: Mike Fraser,


Trivia: Prime Focus still owns the garage in Mumbai where the whole company started.


Location: Old Compton Street, Soho.

Facilities: Part of the Ascentmedia Group, Rushes offers an up-to-date and comprehensive range of creative services including compositing, 3-D animation, digital intermediate grading and its own effects/motion control studio.

Highlight: Boutique house offering a very personal service to filmmakers in contrast to the large super-post houses elsewhere in Soho. Rushes also boasts the only motion-control camera in central London.

Contact: Louise Hussey (senior 3-D/vfx producer), louise.hussey@rushes.co.uk

Trivia: Hosts Friday afternoon barbecues on company’s Soho roof garden in summer.


Location: Soho’s Dean Street, which is also home to filmland watering hole the Groucho Club.

Facilities: Six dubbing theaters (two of which can be used for ADR recording), a transfer bay, a preview theater, 32 cutting/editing rooms and a bar.

Highlight: Inner London’s largest audio dubbing theater.

Contact: Helen Alexander (financial controller), helen.alexander@delanelea.com

Trivia: Its 61 years in business make it a Soho landmark.


Location: A global company with offices at Soho’s Poland Street, at the company’s U.K. studios, in Los Angeles and in Sydney.

Facilities: The largest high-bandwidth connector for the global film biz, Sohonet links U.K. post houses and U.K. studios together and to U.S. studios.

Highlight: Manages all aspects of high-speed data workflow — from on-set capture, storage and backup through to final delivery.

Contact: Dave Scammell (CEO),


Trivia: A long-haired organization. “Most of our engineers have more hair than all the sheep in Wales,” Scammell says.