JON VOIGHT, president

Winner of a best actor Academy Award for his perf as a paraplegic Vietnam vet in “Coming Home” and Oscar-nommed for his work in “Midnight Cowboy” and “Runaway Train,” Voight has successfully shifted into a career as a character actor, playing everything from villains to generals and presidents. Better known to the tabloids as the father of Angelina Jolie, he has also been in the mainstream press recently for his outspoken advocacy of Republican causes and politicos, including presidential candidate John McCain.


Chinese helmer whose credits include “Postman in the Mountains,” “A Love of Blueness,” “Life Show” and “A Time to Love,” his 2003 drama “Nuan” won best film and best actor awards at the 2003 TIFF.


An agent with Creative Management Associates early in his career, with such clients as Robert Redford, Peter Sellers, Albert Finney, Anouk Aimee, Faye Dunaway and Sydney Pollack, Gruskoff soon turned to producing, with his first exec producing credit being “Silent Running.” Since then he has produced a long string of critically acclaimed and commercially successful pics, including “Young Frankenstein,” “Nosferatu, the Vampire,” “Quest for Fire,” “My Favorite Year,” “Pink Cadillac” and “Prelude to a Kiss.” His most recent production is the romantic comedy “Overnight.”


Brazilian cinematographer Charlone burst onto the international scene with his Oscar-nommed work on “City of God” in 2002. He has since shot “The Constant Gardener” and “Blindness,” which will bow in TIFF’s special screenings section.


Thesp Dan has been active in pics and on TV for more than three decades, including a starring role in “When the Rain Lifts,” a 1999 pic scripted by Akira Kurosawa. She is also an award-winning essayist and expert on the Japanese kimono.


Veteran scripter, who joined Toei in 1958 and wrote screenplays for the studio’s trademark gang pics, including the iconic “Battles Without Honor or Humanity” series, has worked with such helmers as Kinji Fukasaku, Hideo Gosha, Yasuo Furuhata, Sadao Nakajima and Koreyoshi Kurahara. His latest pic is the Toei period drama “Cha cha –tengai no onna,” released in 2007.