WHY: Abundant sunshine, a wide range of unique locations and excellent infrastructure make Spain an attractive value-for-money destination for producers. Production costs are around 20% lower than main European competitors, yet Spain doesn’t suffer the downside of cheaper but less-reliable territories, boasting well-respected crews and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Regional incentives are increasingly international. SempreCinema, a joint initiative in Spain’s Galicia region between state-owned Galician Audiovisual Consortium and private bank Caixa Galicia, will invest up to $882,000 equity per film in five projects or so a year. Galicia regional government also backs Raices, a co-production fund with Argentina and is repeating the formula with Brazil.

Valencia regional government offers 12%-18% rebate on local spend, capped at $5.5 million per pic. Region has been revitalized by success of local Ciudad de la Luz studios.

Catalan state body ICIC can pony up a maximum of $550,000 per pic, depending on local cultural test points scored. Local coin also usually triggers pubcaster TV3 presale. ICIC’s $27 million film and TV budget makes Catalonia a plum European regional fund.

BONUS: Social security payments in Spain offer comprehensive coverage, meaning insurance and fringe savings for U.S. productions.

SHOT THERE: “Tetro,” “Triage,” “The Limits of Control”

HOT SPOT: Ciudad de la Luz just completed its state-of-the-art water tank situated on a 19-acre backlot with natural horizons, equipped with wave machines, tip tanks, water cannons, a spillway and a greenscreen.


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