WHY: While Seoul and Busan offer incentives, experienced crews, topnotch facilities and a desire to grab international shoots, Jeollabuk-do province, in the southwestern region of the Korean peninsula, is famous for preserving the traditional cultures and charms of Korea. Its biggest city, Jeonju, launched a film commission in 2001; more than 250 films have been shot in the region with the support of the commission. The region has seven studios, and filmmakers can tap into the Jeonju Film Commission’s various support programs, which range from a minimum of $23,000 to a maximum of $61,000. The city also offers discounts on studio rental fees from 20% to 50%. City officials will network with other film commissions and governmental bodies in Korea to help facilitate filming.

BONUS: The Seoul Film Commission will cover locations scouting fees for foreign productions, and has a production grant program.

HOT SPOT: Opened in April, Jeonju Cinema Studio covers more than 500,000 square feet; facilities range from pre-production offices to post.

SHOT THERE: “Beverly Hills Ninja 2,” “The Good the Bad the Weird”


Jeonju Film Commission: jjfc.or.kr

Busan Film Commission: bfc.or.kr

Seoul Film Commission: eng.seoulfc.or.kr

Korean Film Council: koreanfilm.or.kr