WHY: Romania is clearly on the rise, with hard-wired new studios such as MediaPro, which this year won over the producers of Woody Harrelson starrer “Bunraku” through its L.A. rep, Media in Action. It also offers indie appeal with affordable, diverse locations. The country also typically saves about 40% over shooting in the U.S.

“In terms of settings, Romania has everything: Carpathian mountains, the Black Sea, the Danube Delta … you can even find some places here which can look like desert,” says Mihai Gligor of Romanian Film Promotion.

Another main studio, Castel Film in Bucharest, features an integrated suite of options from new soundstages to trained crews, equipment and logistics. For that reason, a package deal often makes sense, says the company’s Bogdan Moncea.

The complex includes 10 modern soundstages, one of which, No. 5, is among the biggest and best equipped in Europe. Newcomer Kentauros studios adds further capacity.

BONUS: Co-productions can make for worthwhile cost sharing. The French-Romanian pic “Le Concert” was a joint effort of Castel Film that was partially shot in Romania.

SHOT THERE: “Youth Without Youth,” “Bunraku”

HOT SPOT: MediaPro, Romania’s most technically advanced studio, has vfx inhouse services, HD technology and a new twin stage of more than 45,000 square feet. It also hosts an ultra-fast fiber-optic network, 160-terabyte servers, more than 30 graphics workstations that are interconnected to render and composite large volumes of work for modeling, animation, mapping, texture creation, matte painting, shading, tracking and rotoscoping.


Romanian Film Promotion: romfilmpromotion.ro