Ralph Fiennes’ favorite characters

Which character do you most wish you had played?

“The great roles have been so defined by that particular actor it’s pointless even thinking about taking them on, but I know that they’re making a Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr. in it, and I would love to play Sherlock Holmes in a dark, grown-up version. I also wish I could have played Raskolnikov in Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment.’ I’m too old to play him now, but I would have loved to have played him.”

What are your favorite fictional characters?

“I did actually get my wish when I got to play Bendrix in ‘The End of the Affair.’ I do like Graham Greene characters. Those beaten-up, expat characters that Greene created. They hit the bottle, their work has left them, their wife has left them, they go on some kind of journey. Maybe they have to die at the end. The failure who has lost their way in the eye of the world. They’re not up to much but are capable of something brave and honorable.”

What are your favorite characters based on real people?

“I was always interested in T.E. Lawrence, and I got to play him. I continue to be interested in him, and I love his writing.”