WHY: Brazil’s currency, the real, has in the past several months dropped in value, so now shooting costs for those trading in U.S. dollars and euros are significantly lower.

Locations are diverse, from tropical beaches to islands to rain forests and urban settings. Film crews are experienced, as the local industry releases 60 to 80 features per year.

On the down side, the government does not offer incentives for a foreign company to hire production services in Brazil, film commissions are yet not fully operational, and bureaucracy can be a nightmare.

But there are incentives to be tapped if an international production company partners with a Brazilian company in a co-production. Local production companies tap into the country’s generous pic production incentives. The local company must have at least 40% of the pic equity so it can receive government coin.

For countries with audiovisual agreements with Brazil (the U.S. is not among them), the minimum pic equity requirement for the local production company is set in the agreement.

On top of the existing incentives, two new programs have recently become operational: The Sector Fund will initially funnel coin to feature and indie TV production as well as pic distribution and marketing . The other new incentive, named Article 3-A, will primarily benefit indie TV producers.

For production services, the leading provider in Brazil is Fernando Meirelles’ O2 Filmes.

HOT SPOT: Quanta is building a

$7 million, one-stop shop facility (now partially operational) in Sao Paulo for pic and TV producers.

SHOT THERE: “The Incredible Hulk,” “Birdwatchers,” “Osvaldo”


Cinema do Brasil: cinemadobrasil.org.br

ABPITV program: brazilliantvproducers.com

O2 Filmes: o2filmes.com.br

National Cinema Agency (Ancine): ancine.gov.br

Ministry of Culture: cultura.gov.br