Mike Nichols recuperating

Iconic director recovering from surgery

HIS MANY friends and admirers are sighing with relief to learn that the famous director Mike Nichols has now already gone home from the hospital after heart surgery and is ready to recuperate in Martha’s Vineyard. He has been calling pals, speaking personally, to assure them he is okay.

* * *

IT’S REFRESHING how so many unknowns and wannabees for Broadway operate in the underground, even before off-Broadway. Recently at the Producers Club, I saw a very funny 45 minute offering in the “Bad Musicals Festival of 2008.” This was the aforementioned “Charlie Chang and the Mysterious Salami,” by lyricist-writer Anne Berlin and music’s Andy Cohen. It is a daring tribute to political incorrectness when it comes to class, color, creed, and everything else!

Actually, in spite of some very bad acting on the part of a few, this was a hilarious event, directed quite brilliantly by one Tony Spinosa. He managed to score even with the tiny stage and a slow motion sequence wherein the villain is killed by two aptly thrown Manolo Blahnik shoes. Or maybe they were Jimmy Choos.

If you’re in NYC, catch this laugh riot July 26, 31 and August 5. The actors who did manage to project Ms. Berlin’s fascinatingly funny lyrics stood out. Legit agents should be looking at all these young actors. And, in fact, Berlin & Cohen are already being sought out by music companies.

* * *

RAN INTO my good friend, the writer Dominick Dunne at the popular River Tavern in Chester, Connecticut. He was being interviewed by an ace newsman from London, Nick Brown. (He wrote the brilliant bio on Phil Spector.)

Dominick was looking fine, but at the end of this month the Vanity Fair columnist is having a fairly serious operation and so his many pals, led by Bonnie Russell, asked TMZ’s Harvey Levin to create www.DominicksDiary.com. Fans can send Dominick a happy message.

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