AARP salutes grownups

'Fish Called Wanda' celebrates anniversay

THE VERY initials AARP give some people chills. Nevertheless, this organization hosts its annual “Movies for Grownups” at the Bel Air Hotel on Monday and it is chock-a-block with talent. Jamie Lee Curtis and John Cleese host, celebrating the 20th anniversary of “A Fish Called Wanda.” The org is saluting “The Savages” as the best movie for grownups; Chris Cooper (“Breach”) as the best actor 50 and over; “Michael Clayton’s” Tom Wilkinson and Tony Gilroy as supporting actor and director; Julie Christie (“Away From Her”) as actress; Ruby Dee (“American Gangster”) supporting actress; “The Darjeeling Limited” as best comedy; “The Bucket List” as the best buddy movie; Gena Rowlands for her breakthrough accomplishment as screenwriter on “Paris Je t’ Aime”; “Hairspray” as the best grownup love story; and Ron Harwood (“Diving Bell and the Butterfly”) as the best screenwriter 50 and over. Hal Holbrook will receive the lifetime achievement award and Julie Andrews will accept on behalf of the movie “Enchanted” as the best film for grownups who refuse to grow up.

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THERE IS lots of great stuff on Broadway now but you have only until March 16 to see what I consider to be the most entertaining — the West End import “The 39 Steps.” Four people play 104 roles and it simply whizzes along.