“I Am Legend” remained the undisputed ruler of the international box office with a fifth consecutive weekend victory, dominating a mostly moderate frame with $28.7 million from 6,200 prints in 54 markets.

Awards-season fare started showing foreign traction, with “Sweeney Todd” slicing its way to an impressive $6.6 million at 739 for Warner Bros. via first-place launches in Japan and South Korea. Paramount’s “No Country for Old Men” grabbed $2.3 million from only 164 in its Brit debut, and Fox’s “Juno” charmed its way to $1.6 million at 167 in its Australian opening.

Universal’s “Charlie Wilson’s War” took in $4.9 million at 873, mostly from its French launch and second U.K. frame. U was quick to note that the Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts starrer is outperforming other recent political pics. Par’s “The Kite Runner” took in $2.7 million at 489 to reach $8.3 million internationally; U’s “Atonement,” already in 27 markets, cracked the $50 million international mark thanks to a $4 million frame that saw a resurgence due to strong Golden Globe and BAFTA showings.

The weekend also saw domestic box office leaders “Cloverfield” and “27 Dresses” performing solidly in limited international engagements. “Cloverfield” scared up $4.3 million at 432, and “Dresses” attracted $2.5 million at 276. The duo tied for first with $2.2 million each in Australia, where “Dresses” launched during the previous frame.

Warner’s “I Am Legend” took in nearly the combined total of the next three pics — “Aliens vs. Predator — Requiem,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “American Gangster” — as its foreign cume hit $262.4 million, surpassing the domestic cume by $16 million. Top “Legend” numbers came from second frames in Germany with $5.4 million, down 48%, and Italy with $4.5 million.

“Legend” dominated in its Mexican launch with $4.1 million, accounting for 70% of the B.O. taken by the top five pics, and in Brazil with $3.1 million, the third-highest Warner debut in that market. The Will Smith sci-fier should remain a strong enough player to approach the $400 million mark in offshore grosses.

“Legend” is also the first pic to lead the foreign box office for five straight weekends since “Ratatouille” turned the trick on the first November frame.

“Aliens vs. Predator — Requiem” led the rest of the pack with $11.4 million at 4,600 in 47 markets, led by a $4 million first-place Brit launch and a $1.2 million second frame in Russia. Sequel has met Fox’s expectations, as it’s scared up nearly $70 million overseas, putting it on track to exceed the $91 million foreign cume for the original.

Fox’s family fave “Alvin and the Chipmunks” stayed chipper with $9.4 million at 4,400 in 53 territories, pushing its foreign total to $95 million. Top take came from its $1.8 million Italian debut.

“American Gangster” shot up $9 million at 2,120 in 37 markets, led by a second-place $4.2 million Italian launch, 68% above “The Departed.” Foreign take for the Denzel Washington starrer has hit $92.9 million, lifting the combined worldwide total to $223 million.

Disney’s pair of family-style pics remained respectable, as “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” took $8.1 million at 4,612 in 39 markets and “Enchanted” conjured up $5.5 million at 4,388 in 44 markets. The sequel’s cumed $142 million overseas, and “Enchanted” has hit $160 million.

Another family entry, Par’s “Bee Movie,” buzzed up another $3.7 million at 2,827 for a foreign cume of $147.6 million.

Sony saw little translation to foreign coin for “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” with a quiet Brit opening of $450,000 at 300, putting it in 14th place.