What: Variety Screening of “Synecdoche, New York”

Where: Arclight Theater, Hollywood

Who: Director-writer Charlie Kaufman

“It’s hard to introduce Charlie,” said “Synecdoche, New York” star Catherine Keener. “He’s like describing a dream and trying to put it into words. You have to experience it. Like his movies.”

“Synecdoche, New York” is a “typical” Kaufman movie in its bone-deep eccentricity; here, Philip Seymour Hoffman portrays a man who attempts to offer the ultimate theater experience.

“I write a film so it can be surprising to people who have seen the movie more than once,” Kaufman said. “I want to make things sing and dance so that you want to see it more than once… I wake up from dream and I feel so affected by it. I think film is made to do that. We don’t all have to make the same movie.

“If I have something to explore, I set the stage to explore it,” said Kaufman. “This is a learning process. If I figure out a conclusion at the start, I wouldn’t be interested in it.”