“I really loved ‘The Bourne Ultimatum,’ especially from a producer’s standpoint. They made the action film into a thinking man’s film. Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley and Paul Sandburg did a phenomenal job of taking a franchise and making it better than the first two — and working with a director I admire, Paul Greengrass. He brings an edgy sensibility to things. He shoots in a semidocumentary format in a genre that is usually storyboarded and totally scripted-out. From a producer’s standpoint, it’s an amazing accomplishment. They went to many different countries, many different cities, and from what I understand, it was a lot of work. The producers really had to be on the ball. The physical footprint of a production this size is immense, and carting them from Paris to New York to all these places is phenomenal. And it’s my understanding that they were writing it as they began to shoot, so you’re dealing with a lot of unknowns that they were able to pull together. They started with a title and ‘Now where do we go with this?’ It’s one of those movies that grabs you, and you keep going till the very end. Then you’re just ‘Wow. That was amazing.’ I thought, it’s gotten better, which is phenomenal for a sequel.”

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A two-time PGA winner, Tim Gibbons is producer of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO.