“When I read Robert Graysmith’s book ‘Zodiac,’ I remember thinking it was chilling, fascinating — and that I couldn’t imagine how you’d make a movie out of it. The book chronicled events that played out over more than a decade; it had literally dozens of characters: detectives from various competing police departments, scores of suspects, victims, newspaper reporters, people caught up in the hysteria. Not to mention the nerve of making a serial-killer movie where you never catch the killer, where, in fact, you’re not even positive who the killer is. But ‘Zodiac,’ the movie, weaves it all together so artfully that you become as obsessed with catching the Zodiac as the people who devoted their lives to it. And for the two-plus hours of the film, you absolutely believe you’re in San Francisco in the 1970s — and you’re more than a little nervous about who’s out there with you. The suspense and the incredible attention to detail (that Chronicle set alone is unbelievable) are hallmarks of all of David Fincher’s films. The performances make up what might be the best ensemble cast of the year. And I marvel at the sheer skill evident in James Vanderbilt’s adaptation.”

Ted Humphrey is a producer of “Shark” on CBS.