Roger Berlind on ‘No Country for Old Men’

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“Maybe I have a hidden desire for maniacal carnage, but I’m a great fan of the Coen brothers and their whole canon. They write and direct and are given a lot of leeway by their studios. They’re always able to capture a sensibility that is regional, whether it be the Great Plains or Texas, places you think would be foreign to them. (One of them went to NYU, the other went to Princeton.) It might be phony, but they certainly make these places come alive, at least to me. They dig into these other backgrounds and uncover a reality that is difficult to put onscreen. They also have this ability to hide the artifice of moviemaking. I go with them. In part that is due to the great performances of Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem in ‘No Country.’ I haven’t read the (Cormac McCarthy) novel. It would seem to be a grotesque kind of narrative, but I was frightened and moved, and that doesn’t happen much anymore for me at the movies.”

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Roger Berlind’s producer shelf holds 13 Tonys. His current Broadway productions include “Curtains,” “Is He Dead?” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll.”