Poland plays ‘Tricks’ for Oscar

Jakimowski film Polish candidate for awards

WARSAW — The Polish candidate for the foreign-language film Oscar is Andrzej Jakimowski’s soph directorial venture “Sztuczki” (Tricks).

Pic revolves around a 6-year-old trying to employ fate to persuade his estranged father to return to the family.

“Tricks” premiered at last year’s Venice Days, where it drew the Prix Europa Cinemas and Laterna Magica awards. Released in Poland by Kino Swiat Intl., the film has won awards at more 20 festivals and has been distributed in about 30 countries (but not the U.S.).

Pic was released Oct. 26 in Poland.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has invited 96 countries to submit films for foreign-language Oscar consideration. Deadline for submission is Oct. 1, the nominations will be announced Jan. 22, and the 81st awards ceremony takes place on Feb. 22.