Oliver Stone’s ‘W.’ premieres in L.A.

Crowd includes Jodie Foster, Al Pacino, more

Prior to Monday night’s “W.” screening, it’s doubtful L.A.’s Westside Pavilion mall had ever seen this level of celebrity converge in its fluorescent-lit corridors. Even Babs showed. But Josh Brolin’s stepmom wasn’t the reason for all the buzz in the Landmark theater lobby. Lionsgate, QED and Omnilab carefully curated the VIP-loaded “special screening” before “W.’s” Gotham preem next week.

Crowd included Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen, Al Pacino, James Woods, as well as “W.” cast members Brolin, James Cromwell, Richard Dreyfuss, Noah Wyle, Scott Glenn, Ioan Gruffudd and Rob Corddry.

Before the unspooling, helmer Oliver Stone said, “This is based on a true story. And, despite what you believe, we did do some research.” Stone credited a handful of journalists for helping provide the “raw material” for the film. “There is much more to come out,” he added, calling the pic “a start.”

It was the first time the film was shown on celluloid, Stone said, adding how pleased he was with the sound and the quality of the print. After the pic, guests gathered at the theater’s Wine Bar, where Stone was inundated by appreciative helmers and thesps, including Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Irvin Kershner, Brett Ratner, Paul Haggis and Ellen Barkin.

“He’s my favorite,” Ratner said, while Barkin joked to Stone: “There wasn’t a part in there for me — not even a little one in the press room?”