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With the French-language “I’ve Loved You So Long,” Kristin Scott Thomas retires her screen persona of “sipping champagne and ordering people about.”

Such typecasting (thanks to “The English Patient,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Gosford Park”) ends with her Juliette, an ex-convict who reunites with her younger sister (Elsa Zilberstein).

“I’ve been slogging away for years and then people prick up their ears when they see you in a different language,” says the actress. “But it’s the idea when I’m in England I play this patrician/cold person, where in (France) the scope is wider and I don’t come with so much baggage.”

Scott Thomas has lived in Paris 28 years, which leads her to opine, “As far as life is concerned, I’m a French person who grew up in England.”

Whether she slots herself as an English or French actress, Scott Thomas wonders, “Do I have to choose? I don’t know.”