It’s been 42 years since Christie took home her Oscar for “Darling” and nearly 10 since her most recent Academy nomination, for “Afterglow.”

“To hear these wry but wise words (in the film) from the mouth of Julie Christie, as astonishingly beautiful as ever but even more compelling, is to revel in the rare pleasure of a sly line, delivered by a woman whose experience has made her more interesting, not less.”
Carina Chocano
Los Angeles Times

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“Grace is what Julie Christie, who plays Fiona, manifests in every scene, even as Fiona feels the tissue of her self begin to crumble and fade.”
A.O Scott
New York Times

“And Christie, a Sixties screen goddess in ‘Darling’ and ‘Doctor Zhivago,’ shows that her spirit and grace are eternal. She’s a beauty. So is the movie.”
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

“She’s such a fluent actress that she plays the flow of her character’s moment-to-moment mental state, rather than the stages of her disease.”
Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal