It only took Josh Brolin a couple of decades and a starring role in an Oscar-winning picture to land on everybody’s A-list.

With “No Country for Old Men” now behind him, Brolin has emerged this year with an impressive double whammy, starring in Oliver Stone’s “W.” as our current prexy and then in “Milk,” playing Dan White, the assassin of gay activist Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone.

It pleases Brolin that critics have found his Bush a surprisingly well-balanced portrayal.

“I think people were assuming this was going to be leftist bashing, but this guy is multifaceted — that’s the point!” he says. “Bush was floundering for so long, flapping around at age 40, and suddenly he’s president of the U.S. twice. That gave me the ability to rehumanize him in people’s eyes, because we can’t learn from the past if the guy’s an object. We’ve pigeonholed him as some kind of blathering idiot, and we make the question: Why this guy? Why was he the most attractive person at that moment?”