“It is one of the most delicious animated films I’ve seen in recent years. I’m a foodie. When I go to a restaurant I always speculate about critics and wildlife. Peter O’Toole is so marvelous as the food critic Anton Ego in the film; it reminded me of George Sanders doing Addison DeWitt in ‘All About Eve.’

“After I saw ‘Ratatouille,’ a young girl was holding her mother’s hand and she looked up at her father and asked, ‘Can we get a rat like Remy?’ I thought, there are lots of young children going to see this wonderful film and asking their parents if they can adopt rats as pets. It is the perfect escape, to see such a witty and adult animated film. I’ve been searching for ratatouille on restaurant menus ever since.”

A three-time Tony winner, Jeffrey Richards has four shows currently running on the Broadway boards: “August: Osage County,” “The Homecoming,” “November” and “Spring Awakening.”