HOLLYWOOD — Kudos were being handed out like hotcakes at Monday’s 12th annual Hollywood Awards, where more than 20 trophies were picked up by stars such as Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Josh Brolin and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Not all were quite sure why they were there, however.

“What is this award? Does anybody here know?” Stiller asked the BevHilton aud. “I’d like to thank the other nominees, but there aren’t any. I want to thank the committee, or is it the guy who named my film a best of the year even though it’s only October?” Many honorees also noted the unusual concept of handing out awards for films that had not been released, such as “Doubt,” “Frost/Nixon” and “Milk.”

When accepting his nod for “Changeling,” Eastwood quipped, “My movie came out on Friday, so you must have all seen it by now.”