This year’s “it” girl, Page’s performance in “Juno” has been the talk of the town since the film’s September debut at the Telluride and Toronto film fests.

“Although some of her one-liners feel forced, others capture the sardonic lack of affect that cool adolescent girls — and we haven’t seen them onscreen, it seems, since ‘Ghost World’ came out in 2001 — find so comforting.”
Carina Chocano
Los Angeles Times

“Juno (is) played by the poised, frighteningly talented Ellen Page … a 20-year-old Canadian who is able to seem, in the space of a single scene, mature beyond her years and disarmingly childlike.”
A.O. Scott
New York Times

“You won’t find a sass queen around who can touch Page as Juno MacGuff, a pregnant 16-year-old with a smart mouth that won’t quit. Page (‘Hard Candy’) has the rare knack of being brutal and funny simultaneously.”
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

“Ms. Page manages to portray Juno’s extravagant travails with a precision and economy bordering on parsimony — not a moment forced, not a word among so many wasted.”
Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal