Thursday’s DGA Honors lived up to the kudofest’s reputation of being short, sweet and, thanks to host Richard Belzer, bitingly funny.

“People are probably wondering how long they have to hang out here before we descend on Nobu,” Michael Apted told the audience at the biannual event.

The ceremony at the DGA Theater honored Irwin Young, Congressman John Conyers Jr., Robert Rosen, Milos Forman and Dick Wolf.

After org’s national VP Steven Soderbergh made a short introductory speech, Belzer joked, “I thought ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ was phoned in,” before adding, “But don’t miss ‘Ocean’s Fourteen.’ The gang reunites in Vegas and tries to spring O.J. out of jail.

“Dick (Wolf) discovered me years ago in the men’s room at LaGuardia Airport,” Belzer said. “First he tapped, then I tapped.”

Although the event wasn’t televised, organizers decided to play music over Conyers’ acceptance speech once he hit the five-minute mark.

Taking the hint, fellow honorees and presenters including Martin Scorsese and Taylor Hackford made their speeches snappy, which meant a relatively on-time dinner following the ceremony at Nobu 57.