“What makes ‘Knocked Up’ such a joy is its being a complete surprise. Oh, sure, you come in knowing that it’s going to be funny, really funny — inventive, subversive, smart, vulgar and deeply male. Most American film comedies these days are, of course, overwhelmingly male, from the creative personnel to the intended audience to the entire film’s point of view. But, in this case, its ‘maleness’ is what makes it unique, what makes it stand completely apart. Because when was the last time men in the movies asked some big questions (Is love something that happens to you or is it a decision you make? Is the act of becoming an adult part of a process or is it a response to a life-changing event? Is there anything more important in one’s life than a new life?) as they’re simultaneously getting big laughs from dick jokes.

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“I saw ‘Knocked Up’ again on a plane last week and found myself getting choked up many times and in different places than the first time I saw it. I can only imagine that this is due to the honesty and messy humanity of Judd Apatow and his incredibly gifted cast — and the huge heart that beats in every frame of this film.”

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