Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan & Emma Thomas

Producers, 'The Dark Knight'

Producing takes more than just the big bucks. Balls have to be juggled.

Charles Roven did just that, not for one but for four films this year.

“The Dark Knight,” “Get Smart,” “The Bank Job” and “The International” — all of them big-deal feature films.

“I wouldn’t go out to make four movies in one year again,” says Roven. “Two, maybe three — if they’re staggered. There were many weeks in a row I would spend at least four days on a plane. But I happen to be a workaholic.”

Of the four films, “The Dark Knight” was the logistical nightmare with its massive global footprint. “And wherever we went, we were moving an army,” says Roven, who teamed again with Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.

“We all felt that we had to up the ante from what we had done in ‘Batman Begins,’ ” says Thomas. “We were traveling people all over the world. (Executive producer) Kevin De La Noy had a great color-coded system that laid out where everybody was going to be and when. It was like we were a traveling circus.”