“The film that I cannot stop thinking about is ‘The Kite Runner.’ I was on the edge of my seat for the entire picture and found it be absolutely stunning, beautiful and just an incredibly difficult story to tell. It’s one of those pictures where, as a professional, you must admire how they put the pieces together, how difficult the production must have been: the nature of the movie, the storytelling; (they) cast this picture with complete unknowns, and the locations are sprawling. It is a stunning achievement.

” ‘The Kite Runner’ makes you look at the entire conflict in the Middle East. Yet it’s a completely relatable movie in terms of what we do to each other, humans to humans, on a daily basis in our lives. As a member of the audience, I was able to connect with characters who are foreign from anything I know. Homayoun Ershadi (Baba), who plays the father of the lead character, deserves so much attention. He’s a supporting character, but he stole the picture. It is the performance of the year.”

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Bill D’Elia is an executive producer of “Boston Legal” on ABC.