Amanda awards honors ‘Rebellion’

Norway kudos were handed out Saturday night

STOCKHOLM — With five awards, epic “The Kautokeino Rebellion” was this year’s winnerat the annual Norwegian Amanda awards, closely followed by youth drama “The Man Who Loved Yngve” with four awards. Kudos were handed at in Haugesund Saturday night, as the start of this year’s Haugesund Film Festival.

“The Kautokeino Rebellion,” helmed by Niels Gaup, is the story of a Sami rebellion against oppressive Swedes in the end of the 19th century. With its box office of more than $4.6 million, it is by far the most successful domestic film in Norway in 2008.

The winners of the 2008 Amanda awards are:

Norwegian feature: “The Man Who Loved Yngve” produced by Yngve Saether for Motlys
Feature aimed at kids and youth: “The Man Who Loved Yngve” Stian Kristiansen.
The People’s Amanda (voted for by the readers of daily newspaper Verdens Gang): “The Kautokeino Rebellion,” Niels Gaup
Foreign film: “There Will Be Blood,” helmed by P.T. Anderson
Director: Stian Kristiansen, “The Man Who Loved Yngve”
Actress: Anni-Kristiina Juuso, “The Kautokeino Rebellion”
Actor: Trond Espen Seim, “Varg Veum: Fallen Angels”
Supporting actress: Ane Dahl Torp, “Lunch”
Supporting actor: Espen Skjonberg, “O’Horten”
Script: Thomas Moldestad & Siv Rajendram Eliassen, “Varg Veum: Fallen Angels”

Cinematography: Philip Ogaard, “The Kautokeino Rebellion”
Art direction: Karl K. Juliusson, “The Kautokeino Rebellion”
Music: Mari Boine, Svein Schultz &Herman Rundberg, “The Kautokeino Rebellion”
Editing: Vidar Flataukan, “The Man Who Loved Yngve”
Sound design: Petter Radeby, “O’Horten”
Documentary: “Blood & Honor,” Havard Bustnes
Short: “Varde,” Hanne Larsen
The Amanda jury’s Golden Film Clapper: Cinematographer John Christian Rosenlund
The Amanda Jury’s prize of honor:
Helmer Knut Erik Jensen