HOLLYWOOD — The biggest buzz at Saturday night’s DGA awards wasn’t over the Coen brothers’ big win for “No Country for Old Men,” but Sean Young‘s tipsy heckling of Julian Schnabel shortly after he took the stage to accept his award for “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” The helmer urged Young to “have another cocktail.” After more verbal jousting, he gave what appeared to be a truncated thank you speech; Young was escorted out of Century City’s Hyatt Regency ballroom.

Kerfuffle erupted toward the end of the evening, after lengthy speechifying by several presenters and winners.

Josh Brolin, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ellen Page, Amy Ryan and Marion Cotillard were among those on hand to present awards.

Aud was filled with studio execs and helmers, plus a heavy guild contingent that exulted in the DGA’s agreement with the AMPTP. Evening’s lone standing ovation went to chief negotiator Jay Roth after he received an honorary lifetime membership to the guild.

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