SEOUL – There was no change at the top of the Korean B.O. chart as CJ Entertainment’s lightweight historical action drama “The Divine Weapon” held on to top spot and “Mamma Mia” stayed second.

Result was the third consecutive weekend win for “Weapon” which added 425,000 admissions or $2.67 million from 568 screens, delivering a cume of $18.6 million from 2,957,000 admissions to date.

“Mamma Mia!,” a bridesmaid for the third week, this time came close to “Weapon” with 413,000 admissions or $ 2.60 million from 488 screens. Its cume now stands at 2.65 million admissions and a cume of $16.6 million.

Local, holiday season pics “Rough Cut” and “Our School E.T.” ranked at No.3 and No.4 respectively in their second weekends. “Rough Cut” added 235,000 admissions or $1.4 million for distributor Studio 2.0. Made on a budget of only $650,000, it is understood that the pic moved into profit in its first week. After 11 days on release it has garnered $5.5 million from 879,000 admissions on 367 screens.

“Our School E.T.,” handled by SK Telecom, dropped sharply. It took 120,000 admissions or $756,000 on 360 screens, taking total gross to $3.5 million from 570,000 admissions to date. That is the lowest total for SK Telecom since it started movie distribution in January this year. Its previous titles “Once Upon a Time in Corea,” (ed: sic) “L: Change the World,” “Three Kingdoms” and “Death Bell” all performed strongly.

Among the new releases, Kiefer Sutherland-starrer “Mirrors” ranked at No.5 with 109,000 admissions or $686,000 from 248 screens for 20th Century Fox. Pic is the remake of Korean horror film “Into the Mirror.”

“The Children Of Huang Shi”, which is another U.S. project related with China, took the sixth place with 71,000 admissions or $447,000 on 278 screens handled by CJ Entertainment.

One more local film entered the chart this weekend. “Loner”, a low-budget horror pic by helmer Park Jae-sik ranked seventh with 45,000 admissions or $287,000 for the distributor Sungwon I Com. Pic is the story of a high school girl who cuts herself off from society and brings about scary accidents.