Chinese movie production and theatrical box office both grew by more than 20% in 2007, according to the official news agency Xinhua, quoting the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television.

B.O. hit 3.3 billion yuan ($455 million), up 26% from $361 million in 2006. (Conversion at last year’s yuan-to-dollar exchange rate would have shown growth at an even faster 35% pace.)

Movie production climbed from 330 pics in 2006 to 402 in 2007, according to Sarft Tong Gang.

Other movie revenues included $186 million from the domestic Chinese TV sector and a claimed $273 million from overseas film sales. Sarft said that 78 films were exported to 47 territories.

The org also reports that 208 Chinese films were screened at 97 foreign festivals, with 29 movies picking up a total of 49 prizes.