…that Oscar nominated Hollywood hawt-stuff Kate Hudson just might be shopping for new digs in New York City. The bubbly and beauteous Tinseltown royal used to shack up in a TriBeCa loft when she was a-courtin‘ with bearded Black Crowes ex-huzband Chris Robinson. But according to all the tabs and glossies, after getting hitched the couple lived primarily on the Left Coast in a Pacific Palisades house in which the now deevorced Miss Kate still reportedly resides.

Your Mama heard from Little Miss Muffit that the single mommy of one long haired boy child recently checked out a $5,200,000 duplex at celebrity friendly 27 N. Moore in TriBeCa. Now babies, Your Mama does not know Miss Kate or any of her peeps, so we can’t confirm if this is true. It’s just a rumor puppies. Idle gossip.

It is possible she was just looking with a well to do pal, however, Little Miss Muffit provided Your Mama with an actual photograph of the lovely young Miss Kate holding marketing materials for the 3,419 square foot unit (pictured above) that includes 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an impressive but difficult to heat 22 foot ceiling over the kitchen and dining areas.

No word on whether she liked it. Anyone care to fill Your Mama in on that?

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