…that LA based real estate queens Max Mutchnick and boy-beau Erik Hyman are thisclose to purchasing a major estate in Hancock Park. The children will recall that it was Miz Mutchnick and the unfortunately named Mister Hyman who sold their big gay Bev Hills mansion to lezbeeun house hoppers Ellen Degeneres and Portia DiRossi.

Should the out and proud Will and Grace co-creator and his well connected attorney huzband decide to pick up their anti-aging lotions and potions and head to Hancock Park, their new neighbors will include former Friend David Schwimmer, who owns a well-hedged 11,336 square foot house up the street, and Will and Grace alum Sean Hayes, who lives near enough to borrow a lipstick from Madge Mutchnick on his way to Rage. What Your Mama wants to know is if right wing funny ladee Patricia Heaton will organize a neighborhood watch if two of LA’s biggest homos move in a few doors down from her corner property on S. Muirfield Road.