…that Garfleck or Jenben, or whatever it is all the tabs and gossip glossies call Hollywood it-parents Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, were out house hunting the other day. It was whispered in our big ear that along with a couple other pricey pads, the couple had a look-see at duck-billed single mommy Meg Ryan’s Stradella Road property in Bel Air. Yes kids, this is the very same house that all the real estate gossips once thought Sexy and The Spice Gurl were gonna buy.

One of our well informed sources, a gentleman we call Kenny Kissentell, tells Your Mama that interested rich people gotta pay Miz Ryan $20,000,000 for the privilege of up living in her purdy tile-roofed house that sits next door to smoldering sexpot fashionista Tom Ford’s Neutra designed digs. Kenny says the house is lovely, a real movie star home. However, says Kenny, there is simply no room to turn a limo around in the driveway, which of course is a real consideration for all the red carpet walkers in Los Angeles.

The a-list actors have spent considerable time and money building a not yet finished family house in lower Mandeville Canyon. So, does this mean we might see them to flip the newly built house and sell off their current crib on N. Tigertail in Brentwood? Only time will tell. For now it’s just rumor and gossip.

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