…That not only did big mouth billionaire Donald Trump not step up to the real estate plate and purchase financially beleaguered Ed McMahon’s Beverly Hills house, neither did the back up buyer we heard about through the gossip grapevine.

Uh oh.

Does this mean that unless some pecuniarily endowed knight in shining armor comes trotting down Mulholland Drive with a bag of money that Mister and Missus McMahon will soon be out on their keisters?

Now listen children, Your Mama does not ever like to see anyone tossed out of their home. However, we confess that it’s a tad bit tough to muster much in the way of sympathy for a man who made many tens of millions of dollars during his long career on the boob-toob and pushing that Publisher’s Clearing House crap.How is it possible that Mister Ed does not have ten million smackers socked away in some Swiss bank account? Really, how?

Whatever the reasons for his very public financial free fall and possible foreclosure, Mister McMahon’s Crest Court McMansion remains on the market with an asking price of $4,600,000.