…From one of our spies down in Nashville that country music singing sensation LeeAnn Rimes has finally moved into her new nest located in the guard gated and medieval themed Avalon development in Franklin, Tennessee where, according to the community’s website, residents and visitors will be greeted at the entrance by a “lighted replication of King Arthur’s sword in the stone.” Jeezis, Mary and Jehosephat please say it ain’t so!

Anyhoo, details on the newly constructed and fully customized Rimes residence are slim, but we do know that the house is privately located on a small promontory where it overlooks the unfortunately named Road of the Round Table.

Property records also reveal that Miss Rimes and her fresh faced and well groomed back up dancer huzband Dean Sheremet purchased the lot back in September of 2006. It’s unclear to Your Mama what amount of country music money the couple paid for the lot, but public records reveal the happy couple are carrying a fat multi-million dollar mortgage (which probably includes the cost of building the house) that will surely keep Miss Rimes touring for years to come and Mister Sheremet two-stepping or doing whatever it is he does to pay his sliver of the mountain sized mortgage.

Mister and Missus Rimes’ previous crib, which sits on 3.196 acres right up on bizzy Hillsboro Pike in fancy Franklin, TN, remains unsold and on the market with an asking price of $2,395,000.